Corper shun!

The Specta Allawee initiative is created just for you to enjoy the 5 Minute Specta Experience once you are profiled.

We believe that being a Corper should not restrict you from getting quick access to funds you need to develop and expand your entrepreneurial dreams.

With the Specta Allawee initiative, you have access to Personal Loans and Device Finance.

The first device available is the Galaxy Tab E 9.6 which supports 3G voice calls and has up to 24 Months Warranty. The tab also comes with:

  1. 1-year free data.
  2. Access to premium Technology and soft skill training content.
  3. Healthy academic competition among Corps Members.
  4. Free on Network CUG Calls with other Corps Members.
  5. Empowerment for Job Readiness.
  6. Self-paced Learning opportunities with graded assessments.

Device Finance Personal loan
Interest rate 23% 23%
Tenor 11 months 10 months
Management fee 0.5% upfront 0.5% upfront
Commitment fee 0.5% upfront 0.5%
Domiciliation of monthly allowance Mandatory Mandatory
Additional Security NYSC Certificate NYSC Certificate

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