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Life comes with different situations where unexpected or needed expenses may arise and exceed your income and savings.

Personal loans can fill the financial gap. They can be used to cover medical bills, make some home improvements, give your business a little boost, take a much needed vacation, pay for a training to become more competitive for a promotion or even take care of fees.

These loans can be used for anything and if you need money right now – up to 5 Million Naira, Specta is here for you.

Planning a wedding is exciting, the coming together of two families and the celebration of love is an event of joy for all at least until the cost becomes overwhelming. You can use Specta to finance your big day.

Medical financing is created to provide you with an easy and convenient way to pay for medical expenses. Some of these medical expenses are planned for while others are emergencies which cannot be ignored. With funds already running out or dedicated to other important needs, Specta can assist to ensure your health or that of loved ones are taken care of.

Reasons you may need medical financing:
  • Child birth
  • Dental Care
  • Infertility Treatment
  • Invitro fertilization
  • Surgeries
  • Cancer Care and more.

Everyone needs a holiday, whether calendar induced or not, you need a break. Sometimes, you need to leave the environment you are in to get the much needed rest, but funds can sometimes run low or might have been used for what was more pressing.

A holiday loan can help ensure you get the rest you deserve, see family and friends that you miss dearly and ensure holiday gifts are sorted. It can also help to pay for travel, hotel booking, gifts, or even a party for family and friends.

Most people have a Plan B that needs a little boost. Specta’s Personal Project Finance can take your project to the next level by giving it the opportunity to expand and maintain day-to-day operations.

Rent can be a very difficult bill to pay when money is tight and sometimes, the deadline can creep up on you. Sometimes, we make enough money to afford rent but find that we cannot meet the high upfront cash requirement.

Specta's Rent Finance helps you get the cash you need to ensure your bill is paid, giving you the ability to pay back at your own pace.

With our ever-growing needs and the tougher economy, we all know that our salaries might not sustain us until exactly a month later. Sometimes, you need to get your salary now to ensure you sort out that pending need. With Specta’s Payday Loan, you do not have wait.

A Payday Loan is a salary-based short-term loan which you access to a percentage of your net monthly salary in advance. The duration of the loan is the difference between a Payday Loan and a Personal Loan.

Whether you are working toward a Post Graduate Diploma (PGD), Master’s degree, after being in the workforce for decades, a professional Certification Programme or looking for a little help to take care of school fees for your children, Specta can help you get that sorted.

Education is a big expense and well worth the price, so it is important that you get the value while you can.

Are you a Business Owner?

Specta Prime is here to give you everything you need to manage your business, build great stuff, and reach your goals.

Specta Fees

Interest rate on Loan: 25.5%-28.5%* . One off payment for Insurance: 2.5% . One off payment of Management fees: 1% . Repayment Period: 1-12months . Penalty fee- 1% .

Representative Examples

Let’s look at Emeka. Emeka gets a loan of N2,000,000.00 from Specta for the duration of 12 months, Emeka’s interest rate will be 25.5% and he will have to pay back N188,400.98, monthly for 12 months.
This is exclusive of management fees (1%) and Insurance fees of (2.5%) which are one off fees which he will still have to pay in addition to his monthly payment of N188,400.98. If Emeka defaults in paying back the loan, his default attracts a penal fee of 1% monthly.

* Loan rate may vary based on the risk rating analyzed by the system.